Hamilton - Thank You Apple TV!

Posted by Tyrone Hill on

WOW!! All I can say is what a joy. From the opening scene to the climatic ending, I was glued to the screen. For a little context, I live in Houston, Tx and while I have been to a handful of live theatre plays, I have never been to a play on Broadway. Additionally, I am not traditionally a fan of musicals. This Hamilton rendition demonstrates how exceptionally well history can be told.

Familiarity with a few actors like Anthony Ramos who plays John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton helped tie me in from the opening number. Daveed Diggs, 'Don't tax the south, we got it made in the shade' delivery is flawless as Thomas Jefferson. The various situations Hamilton finds himself in from scriber of Washington's plight in the war to his love from two Schuyler sisters carries fun complexity and lays nice groundwork for an affair with Maria Reynolds.

To be continued...

- T Hil

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